Extradition of Abdeslam to France

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Arrested on March 18th, Salah Abdeslam, presumed jihadist and the suspect number one of the attacks of Paris on November 13th, wants to come back to France.

After initially refusing the extradition, he is now changing his mind :”He understood that the files here, constitute only a small part of what he is accused of,” said his lawyer Sven Mary to explain this abrupt change.

According Mary, Salah Abdeslam wants to explain himself in France, his native country.

The Belgian interior and justice ministers, Jan Jambon and Koen Geens, have offered to resign over the attacks – but Prime Minister Charles Michel refused to accept their resignation.

The council chamber was supposed to decide on Thursday the maintain of Abdeslam in detention, before his lawyer obtained the postponing of the audience to April 7th. Sven Mary thinks that the things will evolve quickly : “I will see the judge to convince her not to be opposed to the departure of Abdeslam to France, a departure which could be done, we hope, as soon as possible.”

Salah Abdeslam would have been in contact with the attacks of Bruxelles on March 22nd information denied by Sven Mary who affirms that :”He wasn’t aware of what had happened in Bruxelles”.



Quentin CORBE, IEJ 1 BIS


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