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This is the first time that the famous world rock band the Rolling Stones comes to Cuba, for a free show in a country where their music was once silenced.

Their concert in Havana will take place on Friday night and they expect more than 500,000 people to celebrate music with them.
“We are so excited to be coming to play for you. We’ve performed in many incredible places, but this concert in Havana is going to be a historic event for us,” said Mick Jagger, the charismatic leader of the band.
After a long time Barack Obama was the first American president to visit Cuba since the Cold War at the beginning of this week. This visit allowed to re-open the embassy of the United-States and to spread legally the western culture around the country.
The Rolling Stones were unknown in Cuba’s due to the communist regime which considered rock bands as subversive and blocked them from the radio.
Cuban people could only listen to this music secretly, passing illegally records to each other.
The concert is expected to open a new era in the perception of modern music in this country.
Marion Clément, IEJ 1 BIS



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