Air France want to seduce young people.

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Plane tickets with small prices for  young people? It will soon be possible!

The French airline company Air France, through its short and medium-haul branch  “Hop!”, proposes a discount card on the national flights for young people between 12 and 24 years old.


Source: Les

This card looks like the  SNCF  (French national railway company) one and it’s going to allow young people to take advantage of discounts which can go up to 30 %. For exemple a  Toulouse-Paris flight, will cost 44 EUR instead of 69 EUR with this card. A validity of one year and costing 49euros, this card will be on sale from April 12th.

With this new project, Air France  hopes to give a boost to its air network, and wants to convince that the plane is not less practical than the train.

Pauline FLEURY- IEJ 1Bis



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