Delay in Salah Abdeslam extradition

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The extradition from Brussels to Paris of Salah Abdeslam , principal suspect of the terrorist attacks in November , is temporarily suspended. In fact , he was supposed to arrive between Saturday and Sunday in the French capital.

The lawyer of the presumed terrorist released this information yesterday, explaining  also that, informally , the Belgian justice wants to  interrogate him about the house search in Forest, a city in Brussels.

During the police operation , that occurred in  March 15 2016, the residents have been evacuated because of a gunfire exchange. But informally the justice wants more information about the terrorist attacks in Brussels in which 35 people lost their lives. That’s why they are decided to keep him in Belgium to completely clarify the investigation.

Abdeslam‘s transfer is not questioned by the French minister of justice, Jean-Jacques Urvoas; he rather grants the Belgian police the time they need in order to complete their investigation. Once all aspects of the events are clarified he will be extradited to France.

One of the authors of the attacks in the airport ‘Zaventem’ is still wanted by the police.


Ilaria Congiu , IEJ 1 Bis


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