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Nine months after disappearing from the public, Fidel Castro, the father of the Cuban revolution is back, laying off the rumors of his death.

At 89 years old, Castro paid a visit to school students in Havana on Thursday, talking about how generous Cuban scholarships are to the students and how they allow Cuban kids to be raised in good conditions.
Also paying an emotional tribute to Vilma Espin, « I’m sure, that a day like today, Vilma would be really happy that I came,» claimed Castro. « She sacrificed her life, anyone who dies during the revolutionary struggle leaves his energy,» he said at the 86th anniversary of his former sister-in-law, heroine of the Cuban revolution who died in 2007.

The intervention of the old Cuban leader appears after many rumors of his death went viral several weeks ago.

If his latest public appearance was in July 2015, Fidel Castro, who turns 90 on August 13, regularly receives at home personalities and heads of state friends, according to the Cuban state media which proves it by posting photos on social media.

Cuba and the United States recently started new relations, with the symbolic visit of the American President Barack Obama in March.

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