France : new case of radicalisation

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Source : Europe 1

A sixteen-year-old French adolescent is suspected of joining the Islamic State forces. He is reported to have taken a plane to Turkey on his own, after which there is no more track of him. His behavior had caught the attention of local education authorities, the police and the social services n Alsace region of Bas-Rhin region..

Yves Bur the mayor of Lingolsheim in Alsace  didn’t know anything about the case. According to him “there is a efficiency failure, a long chain of inaptitude. I  have the feeling that the state services don’t communicate with each other.”

The big problem for the services in charge of the case is that there were no signs of suspicious act of the adolescent. He was a normal teenager.

“How could we arrest him? Because there was a sort of swaying. There were no stronger signs before the morning of the March 31,” explains Sophie Bejean, director of the Strasbourg academy. A new enquiry opened in order to find the tennager, understand what was his motivation and if he had a partner.

Through all these elements,  we can think that maybe it’s a new case of departure to Syria.

In the same region, almost thirty teenagers are suspected of radicalisation. 

Mélissa Chatel Karras, IEJ 1bis


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