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           After strikes and marches against the labour reforms on the 31st of March which gathered between 480,000 and 1.2 million people,  the protesters decided to start a movement called “Nuit Debout” (Night on our Feet) last week to express their dissatisfaction.  After the demonstration, thousands of people have been occupying the symbolic “Place de la République”. Every night for more than a week, people think, discuss and debate all night long how best to express their anger against the labour reforms and, generally, the political establishment.



The mediator announces the subjects of the night to discuss. Place de la République, Paris.


Unfortunately, this movement is not to the liking of the politics. Even if the movement takes place peacefully, the police profoundly reject this way of demonstration. Every night, they evacuate the peaceful protesters with tear gas and mechanical diggers if they don’t leave the place by themselves. A lot of young people go back home with body damages.

Facing the hard pressure in the street, supported by the movement “Nuits Debout” which has been growing in more than 30 cities in France, the government tries to reconnect with the youth.



Marie Lefranc, IEJ 1Bis


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