Panama Papers :Football boss implicated

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Source: Le Monde

Thousands of names from the football world have been implied in the scandal of Panama papers, which occurred at the beginning of this week.

In this biggest information leak ever exploited by the media three big French leaders are involved : Waldemar Kita (FC Nantes), Dimitri Rybolovlev (AS Monaco), the widow of Robert Louis-Dreyfus (Marseille).

The businessman Waldemar Kita is accused of being a shareholder of the offshore society  Dylan Limited, situated in Bristish Virgin Islands. The man denied these charges but he possesses a residence in Uccle near Bruxelles, a place where a lot of millionaires reside.

Dimitri Rybolovlev sees his name appearing in numerous documents of Mossack Fonseca. Several affairs with the Swiss justice involded the businessman. There is however no certainty on a direct link between offshore companies.

Margarita Louis-Dreyfus is associated with two offshore companies, together with her husband Robert. The media doubt about his implication in an investment of the company UIS RLD 2 Limited. Robert created it one month before his death, in summer 2009. Finally, Margarita deleted the company in 2013.

In next weeks, other names will appear in this famous list of “Panama Papers”.

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