Renaud is Still Standing.

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Ten years after his last album, it’s official, Renaud comes back today with his new album “Toujours debout”.

Highly expected by his community, he receives each month lots of supporting letters “Every artist says that they have the best community of the world, but no, I have the best,” explains Renaud in an interview.

In this 16 studio album, Renaud wanted to talk about his family and the attacks of Paris which affected him a lot: “I wanted to write, I had almost a divine inspiration”. This album is dedicated to his friends of “Charlie Hebdo” and all the other victims. He dedicated two songs to them: “Hyper Cacher” and “J’ai Embrassé Un Flic” (I kissed a cop).

Renaud explains this album by saying :”A return, a rebirth after ten years of losing myself in the vapor of alcohol.” And the singer adds: “The words cure me. I will never go back to alcohol.”

Clearly, Renaud is really motivated and ready to fight for his music.

His tour begins in October 2016.

Quentin CORBE IEJ 1 BIS.


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