The new Stars Wars Rogue One unveils a little more.

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SW R1After the teaser this morning, the real trailer for Rogue One: A Story Star Wars just as expected to be brought online by Disney.

In the latter, it is possible to discover the plot of the film trough his heroine, played by british actress Felicity Jones.

Her character, Jyn Erso, is describe like “reckless, aggressive and undisplicined”.

This new film will be between the two trilogies of George Lucas, before the arrival of Luke Skywalker but after the debut of Darth Vador.

Rogue One tells the story of a group of rebel fighters on a mission to steal the plans for the Death Star, The Empire’s weapon capable of destroying planets.

The film, is the first in a series of spin-off adventures exploring stories outside the original Star Wars saga.

Following the original History whose last release in 2015, it will be in cinemas in 2017.

Remember, Rogue One: A Story Star Wars will be in French cinemas on December 14th 2016.

Maxime Dubord



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