Amedy Coulibaly’s potentiel weapons supplier arrested in Spain

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Source: Metronews
Source: Metronews

New suspect of Paris bombings in January 2015 was arrested Tuesday in Spain. The Frenchman, Antoine Devini, is suspected of supplying weapons to Amedy Coulibaly, the author of the attack against the Hypercacher, the Parisian cocher supermarket on 9th January 2015, which killed four people.

The suspect was arrested in Rincon de la Victoria, in the region of Malaga, Andalusia, during a joint operation with the French police. He had been wanted by France, which had issued an international arrest warrant, for gunrunning.

He had left France, a few weeks after the attack, and was hidden in Rincon de la Victoria since. The police also arrested two accomplices, a Serbian and an inhabitant of Montenegro. They allegedly acted as intermediaries for Antoine Devini.  According to the police, he continued his illegal activities from his hideout. Several illicit objects were found at his apartment, including false passports, and computer hardware.

Interrogated in Madrid, he denied having sold weapons to Coulibaly, and agreed to be transferred to France. The Spanish high court is expected to accept his extradition, unless he is involved in an affair with Spain. The French minister of interior affairs, Bernard Cazeneuve, congratulated his Spanish counterpart, Jorge Fernandez Diaz.


Louis Troadec, IEJ 1bis


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