Champions League : Semi finals on top

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The Board is complete. In a last board open to the pleasure, Atletico Madrid will face Bayern Munich while the Real Madrid will advance against Manchester City.

Atletico Madrid coached by Diego Simeone will meet Pep Guardiola and the Bayern Munich for this first semi final. The perfect match with the romanticism, the passion and class obviously. In 1974, Bayern Munich won the first Champions League of its history against Atletico in Brussels. Since this day, the Atletico became a monster and Simeone would like to return to the final after his first one in 2014. This time, in the semi final, it isn’t Chelsea but Bayern Munich, its five Champions’ League, and its tactical master that is Guardiola. This match will be explosive between a giant of Europe and a club supported by a whole population.

On the other side, The Real Madrid of Zizou will play against Manchester City which beat the PSG with experience this week. However, the team-mates of Cristiano Ronaldo fall on the “best” drawing. The Real Madrid was afraid but stood out firmly against Wolfsburg and will find an opponent in its reach before the Final in Milan. It should be noted that, last year, the Real Madrid had lost against the easiest rival, Juventus. Therefore nothing is played.

To note that this draw of the semi-finals leaves the door open to a remake of final 2014, with the possibility of Real Madrid facing Atletico Madrid in final…

Ramy Berkani IEJ 1bis.



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