Clinton/Sanders :A fight before the primary of New York

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4902630_6_3fda_les-deux-candidats-a-l-investiture-du-parti_fdd403b45cc341bdc913d3f0d9a9cdf2.jpgSource: Le Monde

The last fight between the Democrat candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders took place yesterday on CNN. The fight looks tight with Sanders who knows that he is not a favorite and Clinton who wants to appear stronger by the end of the debate.

Clinton attacked the program of Sanders about his foreign policy and Sanders answered by referring to her relations with the big banks.

Clinton insisted in the debate on Sanders’ position against arms dealers. Indeed Sanders didn’t explain his solution about it.

The debate was particularly virulent and intensive because the state of New York is very important for the Democratic primary.

The two Democrats were yelling so loud that the presenter had to calm them.

Besides the fact that Clinton is in front of Sanders in the primary race, this debate can restart all the campaign because New York is one of the most important states and it could change everything.

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