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Yesterday, the French President, François Hollande, invited on the TV show “Citizens’ Dialogue”, ensured that  “there will be no ban on headscarves at university (…) No constitutional rule would approve this,” he said. He also answered the question suggesting the headscarf could be considered as “an enslavement of women” adding that “it depends on the way it is worn in society”.

The debate about the headscarf at College was opened by the French Prime Minister, Manuel Valls. On April the 13th, he proclaimed that he was in favor of the ban on headscarf at University. A position considered as a “stigmatization” by the French Council of the Muslim cult and a “risk of fracturing the society” for the First Secretary of the Socialist Party, Jean-Christophe Cambadélis.

Several members of the government are torn about the idea of the Prime Minister. Najat Vallaud-Belkhacem, the National Education Minister,  said on the 12th of April that she “was not against this law. We deal with adults”. The day after, Thierry Mandon,  the State Secretary for High Education, said that “there is no need for a law about the wearing of headscarf at University”.

Concerning the Muslim headscarf, only the integral ones, like burqas and niqabs, are prohibited  in the streets or in any public spaces, including Universities, since 2011.


Marie Lefranc, IEJ 1 Bis


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