Hollande facing the French

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13036439_1607340386258530_1081460658_o-2Source: L’Express

The president François Hollande expressed himself yesterday evening on the French national television. The Head of State answered the question of three journalists (David Pujadas, Léa Salamé and Karim Rissouli).

He began a “Citizens’ Dialogue”, the opportunity for him to defend his record. Hollande insisted that the economic situation in France has improved since the beginning of his term.

“Things are going better: there is more growth, less deficit, more competitiveness, better margins for companies, more purchasing power for workers,” said Hollande. The president underlined the latest good results to defend his record.

When asked on Thursday if he will seek a new mandate in the 2017 presidential race, Hollande said he would decide at the end of the year. François Hollande is aware of his unpopularity, that’s why he doesn’t want to comment on his candidacy. Hollande had previously vowed not to seek reelection unless he could lower unemployment during his first term.

François Hollande cannot afford any more mistakes if he wants to be reelected.


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