Steven Spielberg’s new movie: The BFG

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Everyone is excited about Steven Spielberg’s latest movie: “The Big Friendly Giant”, based on the eponymous book by Roald Dahl. The brilliant filmmaker imagines a magical tale about a giant who isn’t like anyone else in his land; the country of giants.

This giant is seven meters tall, has a great sense of smell and very big ears. He isn’t the smartest giant but he definitely is the nicest and most adorable one, whereas, all the others citizens of the country of giants are mean, human eating and completely terrifying.

He’s indeed the only sweet giant, and the only one who refuses to eat boys and girls. Therefore, he’s very lonely.

On the other hand, there’s Sophie, a ten years old orphan girl from London. She’s quite shy but very bright, especially for her young age, she also has a great imagination. Sophie finds herself lost in the country of giants.

The little girl eventually meets the Big Friendly Giant who decides to protect her from the other residents of his country.

The plot is about a great, unusual friendship between the giant and the little girl, and how they manage to save the town of London from the mean giants.

This enchanting tale will be in theatres on July 1st, and will most likely delight both children and grown ups.


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