Workers Strike in Mayotte

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Mayotte has been suffering for several days of a workers strike parylizing all the small island. The citizens claim their parity rights compared to the metropolis. This movement named “real equality” is taking more and more breath day after day. Because the Gross Domestic Production (GDP)  in Mayotte is more alarming than the other French overseas departments (DOM).

They are clearly behind compared to the rest of the conurbation. Questions about unemployment, demography, economy are also approached but there is no real solution (for the moment) between the population and the government.

This break-up is creating some riots in the center of the country with some militants blocking the roads. The current prefect of the island, Seymour Morsy, declared:

“People have the right to strike, yes. People have the right to show their discontentment, yes. But embarrassing the activity and the department circulation, no.”

Mayotte became the 101st France’s department in 2011.  The French government promised wide changes but in a General Accounting Office report established in January 2016, it shows how Mayotte suffers of this “dependence” on France. In this report, we learn that “construction work” takes retartedness.

3 Mayotte unionists travelled today to Paris to engage a conversation with the French Government, and especially with the overseas minister. They are asking for an immediate application of the Labour Code and social benefits in parallel with France.




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