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US economy finally recovering

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The US economy has grown at its quickest in 2 years in the third quarter, due to a boost in export field. In fact figures have indicated that the annual rate from July through September is at 2.9% currently, which is a lot better compared to the results perceived a year ago. This is the last annual rate before the elections and it appeared as the perfect news at a perfect time.

“This shows that the US is roughly on track,” said Luke Bartholomew invest manager at Aberdeen, who is one of those who think that the next release is very encouraging . Economists are also very optimistic about this growth, Barclays and the research firm of High Frequency Economics consider that the figures are solid.

However, not everyone has the same opinion, like the Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump who in a statement declared that the figures were just “modest”. It’s clear that compared to the “unrealistic” 4% of economic growth that he promised if he’s elected president, the current rate looks ridiculous. But at the same time a lot more in phase with the current American economic context.

Yéléna Renée, IEJ 3E

The Apple conference

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Photo credit : Figaro

Tim Cook the general director of Apple presented the company’s new computer models and other evolutions of Apple TV application and iPhone.

The new computer will be more powerful than the old Macbook pro. The color of the new version was also honored with the appearance of metallic gray. On the other hand this MacBook pro is thinner and lighter than the previous generation. The main developments in this Macbook is the tactile touch apparence. The “Touch Bar” has provoked many positive feedbacks. This “Touch Bar” includes many features like functional shortcuts, ID touch and other functions. This computer will certainly revolutionize the laptop in the next years. The new Macbook pro’s price  is very high. Indeed, the cheapest version comes at 1,300 dollars and the most expensive at 2,400 dollars. An alternative version of the MacbookPro 13′ with a standard keyboard and an intel core processor will be proposed at around 1,500 dollars.

Apple has also decided to add a fingerprint system and the Keynote Apple in  iPhones, which is interesting also in the TV application. A new application has been announced. Its purpose is to simplify the access to video content from iPhone or iPad.

To sum things up the conference was expected and it has not disappointed the Apple fans.


Florian Gregoire IEJ 3E

New strike for Itélé

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The editorial team of Itélé channel has decided today to continue their strike for three more days.

The journalists of the channel have been protesting against the coming up of the host Jean-Marc Morandini for twelve days. He is accused of “aggravated corruption of underaged”. According to the editorial team, he may  degrade the image and the reputation of the channel.

The culture minister, Audrey Azoulay, wants the editorial team and the management to bring back the dialogue between them. She claims having organized at the beginning of this week a “social mediation”. She has also said that “the CSA has been officially seized and that it starts the investigation”.

The journalists ask for Jean-Marc Morandini to leave the channel and an ethics charter to ensure their independence toward their principal shareholder, Vincent Bolloré. They also want the nomination of an editorial director who would be separated from the channel director.

On Monday 24th October, Jean-Marc Morandini’s tv show, “Morandini Live” has been suspended by the channel. Nonetheless, “Morandini Live” is planned to be back as soon as the strike ends.

Alexandra Hery, IEJ 3E


5,200 migrants died Since the beginning of the year

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The International organisation for migrants (IOM) announced that 5,200 migrants died in 2016 on its website today. This number represents an increase by 20 percent compared to the same period in 2015. Indeed, it’s 951 persons.

More than half of these migrants died crossing the Mediterranean sea. Precisely, 3,930 people died trying to reach Europe, which makes an average of 13 deaths per day. All people remember the different tragedies. In May, it’s two boats sank off the coast of Libya. About 650 persons died in this disaster. Fortunately, the number of deaths has recently been lowering in the Mediterranean sea which shows that European Union is finally responding.

In the rest of the world, around 1,300 migrants died on the road. After the Mediterranean sea, it’s in Latin America where the number of deaths is the highest. Around 500 peoples have died while migrating, in particularly in Mexico where 87 Hondurans were killed. And unfortunately, the number of deaths in Latin America is increasing.

On the road, causes of death are many: dehydration, drowning, train and car accidents as well as homicides. But the will to escape war, poverty or famine stay greater…

Clément Touron IEJ 3E


Twitter : 350 jobs cut and Vine’s closing

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Picture from AFP


Bad news for the grand social network Twitter which announced the cut of 350 posts. Indeed, the famous website accumulates big losses. In question, the competition which is growing up. Between Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook, Twitter is getting lost. Twitter, which has already suppressed some posts this summer, has to continue this way. The main sectors affected by this job cut are the business and the marketing. Twitter justifies itself by its difficulty to make a profit since its creation in 2006. “We are planning to invest fully in our complete priorities,” declared Anthony Noto, Financial Manager of Twitter.

Unfortunately, employment cuts are not the only decision which has been made by the company. Indeed, Twitter also made the choice to close its video application Vine. The social network bought the application Vine in 2012, but the network yielded no profit for the group since the part-exchange by Twitter. The application Vine has never met any success since its development, despite the fact that the idea was innovative : posting short videos on the application. But, with giants video companies like Youtube, Vine met some difficulties to grow up.

With this big loosing speed, Twitter is now searching for a new buyer, in order to revive the company’s activity. Google or Disney, which appeared interested by this purchase, just retracted in October.


Héloïse Noël – IEJ 3E

Paris: Bataclan’s reopening

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Bataclan facade, source France Inter


In three weeks, Bataclan will open again. The first concert will take place on November 16th, nearly a year after 2015 attacks. The building has received a new facade with eight large letters in red, but the works continue inside. The concert hall will be identical as the previous one. The reconstruction lasted 6 months. “The room was on break so it’s important to put it back to life,” said a young woman. The scaffoldings and barriers which were masking the facade have now been removed. Therefore, we can see the front.

Peter Doherty, the English rocker will be the first to sing in the renovated theater. Youssouf Ndour, Yael Naim or again Zazie will follow. Peter testifies: “At this age, when we want to fight for a cause, it can shake you. You have the faith and you believe in it, so you fight desperately, that’s why you have to choose your weapons, J-45 [guitar] or AK47 [gun].”

Other singers signified that they couldn’t to do it, Francis Cabrel for example explains: “I was offered to play but I refused, it’s too much emotion for me and I was unable to play in this place. I’m sorry but it’s beyond my strength.”

Gabriel Attal IEJ 3E

Who is hiding behind the cyber attack in the USA?

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 According to investigations, the cyber attack in the USA last Friday were apparently caused by young amateurs neither politically nor religiously motivated or other.

Friday, 21st October, a cyber attack seriously disturbed the USA. Millions of people were without access especially to Twitter, Amazon, eBay, Netflix or Airbnb. Media sites were also affected (CNN, New York Times, Boston Globe, Financial Times, The Guardian…). The authorities are worried and want to know the origin as fast as possible. The identity and the geographical origin of the perpetrators remain unknown.



Eric o’Neill, former responsible for the fight against espionage at the FBI (Federal Police), said: “When I see such an attack, I tell myself that this is a state that is behind”. China and Russia have been the main target.

In recent years many similar attacks have occurred.

Julien Morin, IEJ 3E