A massive cyber attack blocks a hundred of website

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the dos server isn't responding


Dyn, the service that manages an essential part of the infrastructure of many services, suffered a massive attack since October 21tst, 2016. Result : a lot of websites can’t be visited.

The attack, DDoS type, which consists of overloading a connection service in order to block it lead to the restriction access of a lot of very consulted websites. This kind of cyberattack consists of a lot of simultaneous requests on the same server in order to make it crash.
The outage affected sites among the largest in the world. The social network Twitter, the video site Netflix, Reddit forum or the New York Times website were among the most affected. Most disruptions were for users in the US, although some sites were inaccessible in Europe. Given the scale of the attack, the FBI and the US Department of Homeland Security announced that they had launched an investigation. Apparently Dyn has been targeted by well prepared people and this attack is without a doubt the result of an intensive preparation.

This attack against Dyn will maintain the anxiety wind blowing for weeks about the denial of service (DDoS). According to the company Verisign, which recently published a report on the subject, such attacks  have increased by 85% worldwide between the end of 2014 and the end of 2015. Due to the increase of connected objects in the world, which are used by hackers to carry out this type of attack.

By Antoine Le Nagard, IEJ 1D


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