Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement

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Walloon people will not give in. That was the decision made by the Walloon prime minister Paul Magnette last week.

The European Commision came to an agreement on the ratification of the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement after 5 years of negociations.

The treaty is about to build the future economic relationships between Canada and the European Union by establishing agreements on bilateral exchanges and exportations.

Improve globalisation, preserve liberalism, help multinationals from both sides to extend their markets, to improve their position, that was the main objective of the agreement.

Each country has to ratify the treaty to settle it, but there is one region (not really a proper country) which is formerly against. Indeed, Wallonia claimed its rights to refuse several parts of the treaty in order to defend their own vision of the European Union.

Let’s remind us that Belgium is composed of Wallionia and Flanders, and the country has to find an agreement on both parts to ratify any treaty or any law within the country.

«  I perfectly understand the point of Mr Magnette,» said the French secretary of state appointed to international business Matthias Fekl.

Paul Magnette is indeed orchestrating the refusal of Wallonia and Belgium by explaining how the structure is made and guided by Canada, with the help of huge mutlinational corporations.

«  We have to build our own ideas of how we want to impose our standards. The European comission has to create its own norms concerning social rights, human rights, environmental standards and start the discussions and negociations from this point to come to any agreement. We have to show strength and not give up our cultural exception and our vision of democracy. We do not have to let corporations build the future of the Union. We do not have to give up ! »

The message of the Walloon prime minister is very clear and is about to be heard from both sides of the Atlantic. Finally, one thing is sure, the waking of European values is started, the democratic power is not dead and the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement have time left to be improved and adapted to the European values and standards.

Baptiste Régnard IEJ 3F


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