Iraqi Deminers, Mossul’s heroes

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screenshot_20161025-1515086 long hours of walk through the fields were necessary for the first Iraki soldiers to penetrate the outside neighborhood of Mossul, preceded by deminers exposed to the enemy fire. Even though tanks were helping them to progress, 8 of them were decomissoned because of continuous IE snipers and RPG strikes. Surrounded, the IE fighters have no other choices than to retreat in the closest building, before being blown up by the American and Australian aerial strikes.

Finally a white flag appears above one of the houses before a man and his two terrified kids take the soldiers in their arms. Safety check done, they are taken away from the battlefield with 30 other men, women and kids. No buildings are being forgotten. Step by step, other white flags are brandished. It is the first time since the beginning of the war that the inhabitants feel secured.

The conquest of Mossul is a key turn over for the coalition in the war against IE because it will drastically affect the terrorist manoeuvers after the loss of Dabiq (Syria) last week. In fact, Mossul is the second largest city in Irak but overall it is the place where Al-Baghadi proclaimed the caliphate in 2014, showing the symbolic importance of Daesh’s domination. Because of the Sunnites present in the city, the islamic forces had no struggle to get into it and establish their supremacy.

By Maxime MIENNE   IEJ 3F


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