“Juste la fin du monde”, another beginning for Xavier Dolan

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cannes-2016-juste-la-fin-du-monde-de-xavier-dolan-un-huis-clos-familial-d-une-magnifique-intensitem336959Two years after the success of his film “Mommy”, Xavier Dolan made a noisy return to the cinema with his new film “Juste la fin du monde.” The generic is impressive: very great French actors such as Vincent Cassel (La Haine), Nathalie Baye (Sauve qui peut) or Marion Cotillard (La môme) are starring in it. A film without the Quebecois accent is a first for this director who used to choose actors from the “French Canada” , the place he comes from. It is also the first closed-door film by the young director, adapted from the eponymous theater play written by Jean-Luc Lagarce in 1990.

On the program: a young man, Louis, returns to his family after 12 years of absence, he has something very important to tell them. But what? Between family heartbreak, arguments, tears, settling of accounts, Dolan explores the intimacy of a family in need of communication in which no one understands… We easily recognize the style of Dolan in his way of creating emotion in the simple, the banal, like for instance this memory scene taking place to the sound of the very famous song of O-zone. Xavier Dolan doesn’t need any violin to add “pathos” in a movie which is almost a tragedy.

Although reviews of the press are generally excellent (the film won the Grand Prix at Cannes in 2016), Dolan incorporates some scenes which may be too long and not very informative. Take advantage of the rainy weather this week to go to the cinema and enjoy the new gift this Canadian director made us, one more time.

Eglantine Despres, IEJ 1D


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