Massive cyberattacks in US

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Dyn Logo
Dyn Logo

A massive cyberattack blocked Internet’s big names last Friday afternoon.

More than 1,200 websites have been troubled on last Friday afternoon. This hacking consisted in overloading all the DNS services to slow the surfing on the Internet. Some of the big names have been hacked like Netflix, Twitter, Reddit, Spotify or the New York Times’ website.

DNS stands for Domain Name System, the decentralized network of files that link the domain names people use, such as “”, with their numeric Internet Protocol Address. When the DNS services are overloaded, all the website’s access is compromised.

At the heart of the crisis : the Dyn’s enterprise. As part of its business, Dyn provides DNS services for a given swath of the Internet. They weren’t prepared to undergo such an attack. They faced a first wave at the beginning of the afternoon, which they thought finished. Then came a second wave of cyberattacks. Most of the services were overloaded and a lot of websites were paralysed.

This cyberattack raises cautions, in particular the one of the cyber security. In a world where everybody is connected and linked to each other, the data protection is primary. If such attacks have to happen in the future, most of the Internet’s users would prefer to know their information is kept private.

By Pierre Morin, IEJ 3F


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