Opening of new NBA season today in Cleveland

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The new season of the NBA begins today, with the opening game between Cavaliers (Cleveland), and the legendary team of New York, at Quicken Loans Arena.

The principal stakes of the season will be the defense of the title by Cavs against Warriors from Golden State. The second one is considered as the future winner with the coming of Kevin Durant, who leaves Thunder (OKC), for which he was playing since 2008.

This season is also seen as the end of a period, with the departure of three major figures of the NBA : Tim Duncan, Kevin Garnett and Kob
e Bryant who retired this summer.

The former one, played all his life with Spurs in San Antonio. He made discreet farewells such as the image he gave during all along his career.

The two others were the exemples of « sport-stars » : they managed their careers between story-tellling, big contracts, records, and public scandals.

This season will be the occasion to see how the young players will deal with this heritage.

By Juliette Fel, IEJ 3F


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