Polish women back on the street to fight for their rights

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poland-black-mondayMonday, the 24th of October was the « Black Monday » in Poland. Polish women from all around the country, protested to obtain rights for sexual education, equality between men and women as well as a secular country.
A few weeks earlier they were fighting a law almost forbidding them from aborting, the law also included jail time (up to 5 years) for the women, the doctors assisting or even a witness of the abortion. This first demonstration gathered 100,000 of women, the second one was more of smaller gathering with targeted actions.
The current law allows abortion in only few cases, such as danger for the life or health of the mother, if the prenatal exam shows anomalies or if the pregnancy is the result of a rape.
One of the main concerns of Polish women is the implication of the church in the political life of the country. Some women who were interrogated even said that the church bribes the political party and interferes with a subject that shouldn’t require their approval.
In spite of the rejection of the law project on the complete prohibition of abortion, the Polish church and the government want to toughen up the current law even though Polish laws are already the toughest in the European community.

By Amélie Hillairet, IEJ3F


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