The dismantling of the “Jungle of Calais”

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The clearance of the « Jungle of Calais » began on Monday, in the evening. Almost 2000 migrants left the refugee camp on buses to jimag-solennoin reception centers in France.

The dismantling of the « Jungle of Calais », so called the largest slum area in France is expected to start on Tuesday as French authorities will clear the camp and dismantle the tents and shelters. During the week, all the 7,000 migrants, most of them native from Afghanistan, Sudan or Eritrea, have to be driven away from the « Jungle » with no chance to get to the UK.

They will be distributed to different regions of France where they would have the possibility to claim asylum or face deportation.

For the moment, migrants have moved peacefully but some refugees still refuse to leave the camp because they are still expected to join the UK. Concerns are now about their behavior if they still refuse to go and start to cause violence.
Today, about 60 buses have driven away the first migrants in some regions of France in reception centers.

Migrants received bracelets based on their colour to be placed in the different French regions. They are divided into some categories such as : adults, minors alone, family and vulnerable people. Some minors have the possibility to reach the UK to join their parents but the others will have to claim asylum in their related regions.

By Solenn Duplessy, IEJ 3F


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