Apple : first decline in turnover since 2001

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Source Washington Post

The sales of Apple have gone down in the last quarter. Despite rising sales of Iphone 7, the company announced yesterday the drop in turnover for the first time since 2001.

For the first time since 2001, the American giant announced the drop in its profits. The misadventures of their competitor Samsung didn’t help Iphone sales. Apple sales 45.5 million iPhones, between July and September. It’s 5% lower than last year at the same period. Due to this drop of iphone sales, the profit of the company went down by 19%, which represents 9 milliard $. During the last quarter, the turnover decreased to 9% to be 46.9 milliard $

Why are the results of the brand so bad ?

While the iPhone 7 is available to order from 16 September, Apple announced very good reservation number. Unfortunately, it isn’t the same thing for the other products of the Apple brand. Ipad, Macbook, Ipod and accessories have difficulties in sales.

However, despite the mishaps of Samsung, Apple has not felt the increase in their sales. Luca Maestri, Chief Financial Officer of Apple, estimates that “the setbacks of its competitors will not have much influence on short-term sales, because the company is already out of stock of its latest models”.

By Augustin Donnadieu, IEJ 3F




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