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Cholera hits Haiti

In the month of August UN just admitted that she was responsible for the cholera epidemic in Haiti. This disease which has been killing the Haitians since 2010.

Apparently this is because of the UN soldier from Nepal that we discovered that UN play a big role in the publication of cholera in Haiti. Instead of helping people, the UN contributed for a big part of the apparition of cholera, according to Phillip Alston who is expert of human rights. The UN which is largely funded by the USA, are responsible and tried to hide and denied the fact.

Apparently Bill Clinton  who is a special envoy  of the United Nations declared that this is soldier from the southeast Asia who introduced the epidemic without knowing it in October 2010. Phillip Alston wants that the UN accepts full responsibility for that crisis. He said in the RFI radio that  ” the situation is quite clear that UN is responsible if cholera was introduced to Haiti”.

In August Ban Ki Moon who is the secretary of the United Nations who slightly admitted the responsibility of the UN. A compensation of 200 million dollars will be given in addition of the 200 million dollars to remake the water purification system of the country. There have been 9,000 victims of the cholera disease in Haiti who are dead and 800,ooo people affected by the disease since 2010. It is difficult to know the victims because a lot of them are unknown, except those who  died in medical structures. Families of the victims have not said their last words some complained against the UN.

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