Fire and explosion in the “Calais jungle”

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While the refugees camp in the French city of Calais is being dismantled, several fires have burst within the biggest shantytown, in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday 26 of October.


                                                                                Source : Libération

At least two gas canisters exploded at 3.00 AM, including in the commerce zone at the entrance of the camp for migrants, being evacuated since Monday. This fire caused a slight injury to a Syrian refugee. This man was directly transported to the hospital with a wound to the ear drum, clarified the Prefecture of Calais. Several people from the camp had to move away. Firefighters were accompanied by police officers due to violences perpetrated against them.

A tradition for some communities 

These fires are a tradition for some communities that have the habit of setting fire to their dwellings when leaving. Associations had warned about the possibility of such incidents prior to the dismantling. The same phenomenon was noted in March, during the evacuation of the south part of the camp.

The end of the “Calais jungle”

Despite this fire, the French authorities continued the liquidation of Europe’s largest refugee camp this morning. In two days, already 4,014 refugees have left the camp. The French authorities hope that the camp will be completely dismantled at the end of the week, after 14 years of existence.



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