Mitterand : President Hollande celebrates his centenary

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 France celebrates the centenary birthday of its former president François Mitterand. The occasion for the current president François Hollande to honor him through a speech on Wednesday October 26. 

François Mitterand would be hundred years old today. His centenary is the occasion for the country and the government to honor him. Organised by the Institut François Mitterand, the tribute will take place in the amphitheater of the Musée du Louvre with seven hundred guests.  
President François Hollande will read a speech about him during the tribute ceremony, which will be closely linked to his current situation. In fact, it seems that the president decided to talk about the past to compare his own course.

This choice can be justified by Mitterand’s mandate and all the hardships he went through. Born in 1916, he lead France during 14 years and was guided by the realism to make the left-wing Socialist Party stay in power. The myth of François Mitterand might give an exemple for the Party, often divided by the decisions he made and the choices he took. Moreover, if the former president is today the figurehead of socialism, this tribute would also be the opportunity to show that it wasn’t always the case. A situation strangely reminiscent with the end of François Hollande term. With his speech, the president might hope to send a message to his party which is currently completely divided.



Manon Fossat, IEJ 3F


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