Police trade union and police protestors call a strike for Wednesday

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France- On Wednesday 26th, while police trade unions were invited to meet the President at the Elysées Palace, police officers are still on march, in order to protest against some defense issues. Ten days after the first movement of police demonstration, police officers are still on strike. The President receives today a trade union in the afternoon, in order to calm down police indignations. A small minority of police officers, who are not taking part in the unions, are still claiming new measures.

It all started on the 8th October : Molotov cocktail attack on two police cars left one 28-year-old officer fighting for his life. Two of the officers were rushed to hospital with “major burns”. Since this incident and other massive protests, police officers proceed to strike and to demonstrate in a silent protest.

Nowadays, Police officers are no longer silent and peaceful. They demand new measures.

On one hand, the police wants more security during their work time. On another hand, according to the main trade union, they must beg for “a correction of the legal framework in the use of weapons”, ” setting up the mandatory sentencing for agressors of police forces members and security forces”.

The Elysées declared their “support” to police protestors but they must find a solution as soon as possible. The  French Interior minister, Bernard Cazeneuve, agreed at once to an “urgent meeting” which will take place on Wednesday 26th October, trade unions and police officers will know soon the definitive answer.


Laura Afonso Almeida, IEJ Groupe 3F2


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