5,200 migrants died Since the beginning of the year

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Photo credit : seneweb.com

The International organisation for migrants (IOM) announced that 5,200 migrants died in 2016 on its website today. This number represents an increase by 20 percent compared to the same period in 2015. Indeed, it’s 951 persons.

More than half of these migrants died crossing the Mediterranean sea. Precisely, 3,930 people died trying to reach Europe, which makes an average of 13 deaths per day. All people remember the different tragedies. In May, it’s two boats sank off the coast of Libya. About 650 persons died in this disaster. Fortunately, the number of deaths has recently been lowering in the Mediterranean sea which shows that European Union is finally responding.

In the rest of the world, around 1,300 migrants died on the road. After the Mediterranean sea, it’s in Latin America where the number of deaths is the highest. Around 500 peoples have died while migrating, in particularly in Mexico where 87 Hondurans were killed. And unfortunately, the number of deaths in Latin America is increasing.

On the road, causes of death are many: dehydration, drowning, train and car accidents as well as homicides. But the will to escape war, poverty or famine stay greater…

Clément Touron IEJ 3E



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