Aznavour Star in Hollywood

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           Photo Credit : Jonathan alcorn/ AFP

The honor was given to the singer on 27 October, during a ceremony at the Pantages theater in Los Angeles. In recognition of his work and his commitment to the Armenian community. Aznavour took the opportunity to criticize Turkish president Erdogan’s regime.

The «French Frank Sinatra» was very moved when he received this honor Star. “I’ve been coming to Hollywood for years and I’ve worked a lot in the United States,” because (…) “America is the land of show business.” the musician aged 92 years told AFP. According to him, “What I find very funny is that Turkey lost something. They don’t have a single great singer” he added.

During his long career Aznavour has become one of the foremost bearers of the Armenian diaspora.

The singer underlines the fact that “The public is part of my Family, where I am most happy is on stage. ” Aznavour continues to give concerts around the world after 80 years of career. The “most important variety singer of the 20th century,” according to CNN; he will probably come back on stage. At last, the public will certainly find him on 21, 26 and 28 December. At the Palais des Sports in Paris, Charles Aznavour is preparing to give three special performances. He kept his imagination and inspiration; “I still have forty songs in advance, I write every day”.


Maryann Lorcet IEJ, 3E


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