Chocolate Trade Fair in Paris

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Chocolate Trade fair

The twenty second edition of Chocolate Trade fair opened its doors yesterday night, at Porte de Versailles in Paris. The organisation invited the best chocolatiers from all over the world to  celebrate the most famous ingredient of the planet : cocoa. 500 participants from France are taking part in the event.

Whatever your age, your profession or your class chocolate seduces everyone and French organizers know that. That’s why they propose a lot of activities on a 20,000 sqm exhibition space :  exhibitions, chocolate dresses fashion shows, dedication of the best chefs, show of designers and experts, workshops, conferences and many other activities. But this edition puts an accent on the childhood. A particular space, called junior chocolate trade, which is dedicated to children has been furnished for the occasion. In this space the chocolate is made for the children and by the childrens because there is a stand where they can cook their own chocolate like a professional chef ! The slogan of the event “Back to chocolate” says this ingredient is part of the culture of the country.

Chocolate arrived in France in 17tht century like a clandestine. Now it’s celebrated like a superstar, which is well deserved. It’s been a long and difficult road to celebrity!

François-Joseph Ambroselli, IEJ 3E




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