Duel in the South of France between Juppé and Sarkozy

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Source : Les Echos

The two favourites of primaries of the right and the center, Alain Juppé and Nicolas Sarkozy, met yesterday at Toulon and Marseille, where they fought at distance.

There was traffic jam on the road to the South. Thursday, Juppé and Sarkozy continued their campaigns with two meetings at the same time. In Toulon, Alain Juppé has called people disappointed by Hollande, the electors of the far-right and the center to join him. A position criticized in Marseille by his opponent Nicolas Sarkozy.

He accused the mayor of Bordeaux of having an unclear policy: “When the ambiguity is used as an electoral strategy, it’s to produce an ambiguous policy.” The former President, still behind him in the polls, has also attacked François Bayrou, one of Juppé’s supporters. He denounced the fact that the leader of the Modem had voted Hollande in 2012, and reconfirmed that he would not make an alliance with him if he wins.

Juppé has replied to these attacks, with humour : “I’m not naïve or a Bisounours. I receive a lot of birds name at this moment, it’s normal, I’m in the lead.” In the race of primaries, Juppé leads the polls with 40% of votes in the first round, compared with 31% for Sarkozy. The duel between the two men is far from finished.

Daniel Marques, IEJ 3E


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