Earthquake in Italy

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Dégâts matériels

A new earthquake caused a lot of material damage in Les Marche in the Center of Italy on Wednesday.

The shocks have been of 5.5 and 6.1, but for the moment the rescuers have only found light wounded. It’s under the rain that the Civil Protection took care of hundreds of people, even if a lot of them panicking preferred to stay in their car. By rules of security, schools have been closed. Italians say these words : ” Our town is finished.”  The first shakes have been felt at 19h10 also in Rome. And at 21h18 another earthquake of a 6.1 magnitude raised at 70 kilometers at the East of Perugia. Numerous homes have been damaged, a Church collapsed…

Two months after the earthquake of Amatrice which has recorded three hundred deaths, we can ask the question : why is Italy so prone to these disasters?


EmiliePierre, 3E groupe 1.


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