France: Slight return of growth for the 3rd quarter

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According to the INSEE this Friday, the French economy has recorded a slight growth of 0.2% for the 3rd quarter 2016.

Source : AFP Miguel Medina

National GNP has grown by 0.2% after a decrease of -0.1% for spring 2016. The main explanation is the increase of household investments and the export, the consumption stays stable for the moment.

François Hollande reacted to this announcement saying that the country « is on a growth’s way even if it is a little bit too weak ».
In the same time, the Economy Minister Michel Sapin explains that the number is in accordance with the expectations but it will be very difficult to achieve the objectives of 1.5% of growth for 2016. However, this economic slowdown changes nothing about the unemployment which has clearly decreased.

Source : AFP Eric Piermont

On the whole of the year the growth will not exceed 1.3%, according to the statistics institute. For the 4th quarter the INSEE predicts an acceleration of the growth of 0.4%.


Vincent Girod, IEJ 3E G1


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