Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama closer than ever last night

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"The New BFF"

Image Source : France 24

The Democrat candidate invited the First Lady to North Carolina during her meeting. Obama’s popularity can have an decisive impact on the election for the Democrat Party.

“Hillary is a friend of mine”. That sentence rang like an unerring support for Hillary Clinton. The Democrat candidate held a meeting last night, Thursday October 27th, in Winston Salem, North Carolina, in front of thousands of partisans. She took advantage of that moment to lure the future ex-First Lady. Indeed, Michelle Obama is getting more than 60% of positive opinions, according to the US surveys, more than Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton herself.

During her speech, Mrs Obama launched a rallying call, like she did before the last presidential campaign in 2012. She mentioned also the Republican candidate’s attacks all through the current campaign, launching the Democrat slogan “When they go down, we rise up”. In the same case, it was the occasion to come back to Donald Trump’s words against the female sex, and she said once again “there aren’t locker room talks”.

The presence of one of the most popular supporters can enable to Hillary Clinton to increase her lead in the White House road. However, she wants to remain careful. The US elections will be held on Tuesday, November 8th.

Joffrey Pointlane, IEJ 3E

Sources : Le Monde, Les Echos


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