New strike for Itélé

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The editorial team of Itélé channel has decided today to continue their strike for three more days.

The journalists of the channel have been protesting against the coming up of the host Jean-Marc Morandini for twelve days. He is accused of “aggravated corruption of underaged”. According to the editorial team, he may  degrade the image and the reputation of the channel.

The culture minister, Audrey Azoulay, wants the editorial team and the management to bring back the dialogue between them. She claims having organized at the beginning of this week a “social mediation”. She has also said that “the CSA has been officially seized and that it starts the investigation”.

The journalists ask for Jean-Marc Morandini to leave the channel and an ethics charter to ensure their independence toward their principal shareholder, Vincent Bolloré. They also want the nomination of an editorial director who would be separated from the channel director.

On Monday 24th October, Jean-Marc Morandini’s tv show, “Morandini Live” has been suspended by the channel. Nonetheless, “Morandini Live” is planned to be back as soon as the strike ends.

Alexandra Hery, IEJ 3E



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