Paris: Bataclan’s reopening

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Bataclan facade, source France Inter


In three weeks, Bataclan will open again. The first concert will take place on November 16th, nearly a year after 2015 attacks. The building has received a new facade with eight large letters in red, but the works continue inside. The concert hall will be identical as the previous one. The reconstruction lasted 6 months. “The room was on break so it’s important to put it back to life,” said a young woman. The scaffoldings and barriers which were masking the facade have now been removed. Therefore, we can see the front.

Peter Doherty, the English rocker will be the first to sing in the renovated theater. Youssouf Ndour, Yael Naim or again Zazie will follow. Peter testifies: “At this age, when we want to fight for a cause, it can shake you. You have the faith and you believe in it, so you fight desperately, that’s why you have to choose your weapons, J-45 [guitar] or AK47 [gun].”

Other singers signified that they couldn’t to do it, Francis Cabrel for example explains: “I was offered to play but I refused, it’s too much emotion for me and I was unable to play in this place. I’m sorry but it’s beyond my strength.”

Gabriel Attal IEJ 3E


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