Sakharov Prize 2016 awards women courage

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Crédits : Vit Simanek/Balint Szlanko – Sipa

Sakharov prize 2016 was attributed to Iraqi women named Nadia Murad and Lamia Haji Bachar yesterday. They are two survivor women from Yezidi Community, who escaped from Islamic State where they were raped and forced to be sexual slaves.

Sakharov Prize for freedom of thought is awarded by the European Parliament every year.

Today, these women consecrate and focus on Yezidi Human Rights. They want to denounce women’s conditions in Daesh. In fact, according to the UN, ISIS has captured 3,200 Yezidi people. Furthermore, 5,000 women and children were abducted, valued the organism.

Both women have demonstrated a real humanity and courage. Their investment is pretty important. Indeed, Nadia, 23, has already received Vaclav Havel Human Rights Prize on October 10th which rewarded her commitment and bravery.

Both women will receive the prize of 50 000 euros in Strasbourg, on December 14th 2016.


Haboudou Masisilya IEJ 3E Group 2



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