The Apple conference

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Photo credit : Figaro

Tim Cook the general director of Apple presented the company’s new computer models and other evolutions of Apple TV application and iPhone.

The new computer will be more powerful than the old Macbook pro. The color of the new version was also honored with the appearance of metallic gray. On the other hand this MacBook pro is thinner and lighter than the previous generation. The main developments in this Macbook is the tactile touch apparence. The “Touch Bar” has provoked many positive feedbacks. This “Touch Bar” includes many features like functional shortcuts, ID touch and other functions. This computer will certainly revolutionize the laptop in the next years. The new Macbook pro’s price  is very high. Indeed, the cheapest version comes at 1,300 dollars and the most expensive at 2,400 dollars. An alternative version of the MacbookPro 13′ with a standard keyboard and an intel core processor will be proposed at around 1,500 dollars.

Apple has also decided to add a fingerprint system and the Keynote Apple in  iPhones, which is interesting also in the TV application. A new application has been announced. Its purpose is to simplify the access to video content from iPhone or iPad.

To sum things up the conference was expected and it has not disappointed the Apple fans.


Florian Gregoire IEJ 3E


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