Twitter : 350 jobs cut and Vine’s closing

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Bad news for the grand social network Twitter which announced the cut of 350 posts. Indeed, the famous website accumulates big losses. In question, the competition which is growing up. Between Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook, Twitter is getting lost. Twitter, which has already suppressed some posts this summer, has to continue this way. The main sectors affected by this job cut are the business and the marketing. Twitter justifies itself by its difficulty to make a profit since its creation in 2006. “We are planning to invest fully in our complete priorities,” declared Anthony Noto, Financial Manager of Twitter.

Unfortunately, employment cuts are not the only decision which has been made by the company. Indeed, Twitter also made the choice to close its video application Vine. The social network bought the application Vine in 2012, but the network yielded no profit for the group since the part-exchange by Twitter. The application Vine has never met any success since its development, despite the fact that the idea was innovative : posting short videos on the application. But, with giants video companies like Youtube, Vine met some difficulties to grow up.

With this big loosing speed, Twitter is now searching for a new buyer, in order to revive the company’s activity. Google or Disney, which appeared interested by this purchase, just retracted in October.


Héloïse Noël – IEJ 3E


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