UNO condamns Daesh massive executions

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source: Libération


UNO affirms that a lot of civilians have been killed by Daech. Approximately 232 persons were shot around Mosul. A lot of other civilians were taken hostage. Eight thousand people are also retained in order to be used as human shields.

We also know that a lot of Iraqi officers were executed. The reason of this huge amount of people killed ? They refused to obey to Islamic State orders. Ravina Shamdasani, the spokesperson of the “High Committee for Human Rights” say that the number of people killed is maybe more important. There were a lot of Iraki army officers showed, but we can make suppositions about the number of civilians who are under the terror of ISIS.

The attack of Mossoul has started on October 17th, lead by the Americans and the coalition. They plan to attack Mosul by the air, using bombs. That’s why ISIS wants to use population, because they suppose the Coalition won’t attack if civilians are under military airplanes. Today, for all people who are involved in GNO’S, the principal worry are the civilians and how to rescue them. A camp for refugees of 1 million places has already been constructed. But, today we are really worried for all those who are engaged in this conflict while they are not rebels or army members.

Léo Leblond, IEJ3E


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