US economy finally recovering

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The US economy has grown at its quickest in 2 years in the third quarter, due to a boost in export field. In fact figures have indicated that the annual rate from July through September is at 2.9% currently, which is a lot better compared to the results perceived a year ago. This is the last annual rate before the elections and it appeared as the perfect news at a perfect time.

“This shows that the US is roughly on track,” said Luke Bartholomew invest manager at Aberdeen, who is one of those who think that the next release is very encouraging . Economists are also very optimistic about this growth, Barclays and the research firm of High Frequency Economics consider that the figures are solid.

However, not everyone has the same opinion, like the Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump who in a statement declared that the figures were just “modest”. It’s clear that compared to the “unrealistic” 4% of economic growth that he promised if he’s elected president, the current rate looks ridiculous. But at the same time a lot more in phase with the current American economic context.

Yéléna Renée, IEJ 3E


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