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Obama’s final goodbye

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Credits : Michel Sohn

On Friday, Barack Obama met with the leaders of Germany, France, Britain, Italy and Spain in Berlin for the last step of his European farewell tour. It wasn’t a determining summit as Trump administration is currently being put in place. But it was the occasion for Barack Obama to pass the torch to Angela Merkel considered as the one who is in a better position to keep democracy values. For his final goodbye, Obama asked  European leaders to uphold sanctions against Vladimir Putin, unlike his successor who is a lot more clement with Russia.

Now that Donald Trump is elected, relations between USA and Europe are uncertain. In fact as he tends to an isolationist and protectionist policy, economic and military agreement between both are in danger.

Berlin is a special place for Barack Obama. First of all because it is the place where everything started for him eight years ago during his speech to “break the walls” between countries. But also because of his strong relationship with the chancellor. “If I was a German and if I could vote, I would have supported her,” he said during the meeting.

Yéléna Renne. IEJ 3E.


Bonus Primes at Microsoft

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imagesOn its website Microsoft has reported that some visible minorities were not sufficiently represented in the company. As a results, Microsoft decided to make some internal decisions in order  to bear with this lack.

The company noticed on September 30th that the proportion of women has decreased, it went down from 26.8% to 25.8%. Gwen Houston, who is in charge of the diversity and inclusion for Microcrosoft, explains this fact with two reasons. The first one is that a restructuring happened in the telephonic activities at Microsoft. Moreover, some factories closings have reduced the part of women in the firm.

Houston is however encouraged by the slight rise in the reprensentation of women in the technical responsibility jobs. She is also optimistic about the hirings. Women represent 27.7% of the new employees.

Gwen Houston also mentions, some “modest gains” in the representation of black people in the company. It rose from 0.2 to 3.7%. Numbers of hispanic people have also augmented from 0.1 to 5.1%.

The directors of the company want to link some bonuses for the firm’s managers who increase the diversity in their teams. These decisions are absolutely original. The company wants to continue in this direction and struggle against prejudices and the under representation of the minorities.

Alexandra Hery, IEJ 3E



Ban Ki Moon decorated with the Legion of Honor

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source : AFP
source : AFP

This Thursday, 17 November, the United Nations secretary general, Ban Ki Moon, received the Legion of Honor from the French president, François Hollande.

The French president received the United Nations General Secretary Ban Ki Moon at the Elysée Palace to decorate him with the highest French decoration. The reason for the decoration is in particular to thank the General Secretary for his fight against the global warming, the president especially insisting on his active role  during the COP21 which was held in Paris in November 2015.

The South Korean, who will end his mandate on January 1st of the next year, after ten years spent at the head of the UN, said he felt “honored and very proud” to receive the medal. He declared that through him, it was the UN which was rewarded.

On January 1st, 2017, Ban Ki Moon will be replaced at the head of UN by the Portuguese Antonio Guterres.

Clément Touron, IEJ 3E

Amazon ready to face Netflix worldwide

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Picture from the website “Which?”

The great offensive against Netflix has been launched by Amazon. The member of GAFA group prepares to expand its video service “Amazon Prime Video” through the entire world.

French people will be able to access the streaming platform from Amazon by the end of the year. The global number one of e-commerce is going to make an awkward competition with the other streaming companies and especially Netflix which dominated this sector until now. For the moment, Amazon’s video service is present in several countries : in the United States, in the United Kingdom, in Germany, in Austria and also in Japan. But the giant won’t give up going up its international expansion. Amazon has indeed declared that its service will be available in 200 countries. Netflix, which is present in 190 countries, may be confronted with some difficulties due to the arrival of this new big competitor. Apart from the powerful position of Amazon in the world, the company will impose its low prices and put Netflix in a difficult position. Amazon Prime Video costs indeed a minimum of 8.99 dollars a month, against 9.99 dollars for Netflix. To be able to rival with Netflix, Amazon has put large financial resources. Like its competitor, the company offers exclusive contents on its platform and counts on original productions.

For the moment, the race for market shares promises to be hard between the two world giants.


Heloïse Noël, IEJ 3E G2

Assessment : 120 users per day in Parisian fix room

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The supervised injection site in Bale, on 8 Octobre 2010 (MaxPPP)

Today, Paris city hall announces the first assessment of the fix room of Paris. Indeed, this room  opened on October 17, 2016 in Lariboisière hospital, in the 10th district of Paris. Its aim is to fight against mortality by overdose. 

These safer injection facilities are very frequented in Paris. In fact, 110 to 120 users visit the facility every day. The number has considerably increased since the opening, as in October only forty people took advantage of it.

6 out of 10 users are “injectors”. That is to say, they bring the drug as Subutex or Skenan and inject themselves the product under supervision of a nurse. This procedure is carried out with a clean syringe to avoid infection risks.

This intensive frequentation demonstrates the users wish to be treated. Furthermore, we note an improvement with reference to the security. According to Paris city hall, there has not been any degradation nor agression.


Masisilya Haboudou, IEJ 3E 

Marine Le Pen presented her new logo for 2017

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(Source: Les Echos)

Yesterday the French extreme right party presented its new logo for the 2017 campaign. It was during the inauguration of the party’s headquarters situated close to the Elysée Palace. Marine Le Pen took the opportunity to present her project: a new logo of the party.

For the first time no flame and no blue white red banner. Instead, a “Marine President” cut horizontaly by a blue rose.

Why a rose ?

  • In a short video presentation on Twitter Marine Le Pen; who insists she will be one of the only women present on the starting line of the first round of the presidentials in April 2017.
  • The association of the rose and the blue also has a political meaning that the president of the National Front (NF) doesn’t pretend to ignore.

The rose is the symbol of the left and the blue color represents the right wing. The NF for years has not stopped repeating that there are no differences between the left and the right.

This triple presentation (logo, slogan, HQ) marks the beginning of the presidential campaign of Marine Le Pen.

Alexis Alapetite, IEJ 3E

French Academy turns down all candidates

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This Thursday November 17th, the academics haven’t granted the majority to the candidates who have presented to the armchair of René Girard who died in November 2015. Twenty-eight academics participated in the vote and to be elected 15 votes were required.

Two writers were the favorites: the former diplomat Daniel Rondeau (who obtained twelve votes) and Gonzague Saint Bris, (who didn’t get more than three votes during the three turns). Jean Marie Bresset and Michel Orcel obtained one vote. As the other candidates didn’t receive any vote, this election had to be postponed.

In the French Academy’s langage, this is called “white election”, that is to say nobody had obtained the majority.

In three votes near, Daniel Rondeau, who runs for the second time, would have been elected. His score permits him to present his candidature again. But if we look carefully, there were twelve black crosses, they were very important, that is to say the immortals don’t want any of the candidates.

There will be no new academic under the cupola. Three chairs remain to be filled: those of René Girard, Alain Decaux and Philippe Beaussant.

Gabriel Attal IEJ 3E, group 2