I-Télé : The employees continue their strike

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The French news channel i-Tele’s employees will continue to strike until Thursday noon. “This is the result of Vincent Bolloré’s managements ” according to media analyst, Patrick Eveno.

Source : l’Express

Employees of iTELE voted this Wednesday to continue their strike until Thursday noon, for an 18th consecutive day.” 78% of the vote (92 in favor, 6 against, 20 white votes)”, announced a spokesman for the strikers.

One of the journalists’s revendication was the departure of the host Jean-Marc Morandini who is indicted “for minor corruption worsened”. The direction of the channel decided to exclude Jean Marc Morandini from the antenna temporarily, which doesn’t reassure the employees.
Journalists of the channel expected on Wednesday the decision of the Nanterre court after they complained about the unexpected removal of one part of the office of iTele.

Journalists have seized the CSA

Le Higher Audiovisual Council (CSA) was seized by journalists this Thursday. They accuse the Canal + group of violating several obligations under the iTELE agreement reached with the regulator, including leaving its shareholder intervene on its editorial content and mixing information and entertainment.

The authors of the letter indicate that the mission entrusted to Jean-Marc Morandini on iTV belongs rather among the entertainment programs than among news programs.”

Augustin Donnadieu, IEJ 3F G2


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