Social security budget, new measures for 2017

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Portrait de Marisol Touraine, ministre des Affaires sociales, de la Santé et des Droits, recevant cent femmes (pour échanger sur leurs expériences, leurs réflexions sur la lutte contre les stéréotypes, l'égalité professionnelle et sur la place des femmes dans l'espace public), lors de la journée internationale des droits des femmes, au Palais de l'Elysée, à Paris.
                                                     Marisol Touraine, source : Le Figaro

The Finance law project for 2017 is voted today by the deputies. This last Social Security budget of François Hollande’s mandate should be widely accepted. This budget promises the end of the famous “Social Security hole” thanks to some new measures.

The budget is put to the vote this Wednesday November 2. First of all, the general scheme must be around – 400 million euros to be balanced. But the situation will be different according to the service. In fact, the savings for the health insurance should reach about 4 billion euros.

Moreover, the hospitals are one of the most important measures for the next year. Hospitalisations and generic medicines are at the top of the propositions in order to reduce costs. The government is waiting for 1.5 billion of savings through the optimisation of expenses and thanks to outpatient treatments.

About the elderly and the retirement plan, a decrease of the general social contribution has been voted. A large budget will be given to the retirement homes and to the elderly specialised  centres in order to improve their life conditions. 21.5 billion euros will be spent on modernisation of these structures.

The self-employed will have reduction of their health and maternity insurance contributions, if they earn less than 27,000 euros per year. In January 2018, a measure concerning the liberal workers should be adopted.

We also can notice that the deputies asked for a raise of the taxes on rolling tobacco. This raise of 15 % might give a yield of 130 million euros. In fact, the consumption of rolling tobacco has dramatically increased since 2004.

Manon Fossat, IEJ 3F



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