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source : Le Figaro

The Calais “jungle” proceeds to the final stage of the evacuation today. In facts one of the final steps remains the evacuation of miners, as about 1,500 of them are still located in the infamous refugee camp of Calais.

After the departure of the adult refugees last week, the evacuation of Calais Jungle miners is proceeding gradually today. The first vehicle has left with 43 youngsters inside this morning  towards Carcassonne. There are lost without parents and because they see their hopes to lives in England evaporate. For some however, it is a relief to leave the Calais jungle.  “One cannot say that I am really happy because I do not know where I am going. Britain ? Canada ? France ? But I am happy to leave the jungle. For the past few days there have been problems between catholics and muslims who were fighting,” says one of the migrants.

All is not lost because some may still be allowed to seek asylum in England. British officials are accompanying the young migrants. Their applications will be reviewed within CAO- miners with British authorities. Indeed these last weeks around 300 miners could leave Calais towards England with the official agreement of the British Ministry of the interior.

Cécilia Manzambi, IEJ 3F


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