Brexit: Ms May unchanged her schedule

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Today the British prime minister affirmed the schedule will remain unchanged after the decision of the London High Court who demanded that the government obtained parliamentary approval before starting the divorce with the European Union.

In her conversation withPresident of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker at around 09:30 today, Theresa May promised the timetable originally planned would be maintained, according to the activation of Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty – which launches the divorce process with the EU – before the end of March.

But this morning British tabloids attacked the decision in their titles, such as “the enemies of the people” (Daily Mail) and “judges against the people” (Daily Telegraph).

The real Choice is to know that the article 50 implies a hard Brexit or a soft Brexit.

The result of this battle the resignation of the Tory deputy Stephen Phillips, who does not agree with the choice of Theresa May.

Even the White House stepped in calling today the British and the EU to show themselves “flexible” in negociations to come and lead them in a “pragmatic, transparent and productive” way.


Alexis Alapetite, IEJ E groupe 2



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